Friday, December 4, 2009

Please Obey the Rules

I wrote about our new family tradition of the visiting elf here. He has returned again this year, and Bobby is now old enough to be cognizant of him. I re-read the story to him and explained the "rules" of the elf visitor. We can talk to him, but he can't talk to us, and we must never, ever touch him because he's magic.

Well, Bobby is a stickler for the rules. When getting his Christmas photo in front of the tree this year, I suggested he hold Yahootie for the picture. Bobby quickly reminded me that we can't touch him. Oops.

Later that week, Yahootie was "hiding" in Bobby's room, right on his hamper. Bobby was excited that he found him in his room. However, the day before Yahootie had been in our bathroom and Bobby wanted him to go back in the bathroom. Without thinking, Bobby picked up Yahootie to move him. Almost instantaneously, Bobby realized that he had broken the rule and tears started welling up in his eyes and he was frozen. I could tell he wanted to drop him but he was afraid to. So we apologized to Yahootie for picking him up and then we quietly asked him if it would be Ok if we moved him to the bathroom. Yahootie indicated that it would be ok.

Crisis averted.

I hope Bobby believes in the "magic" of Christmas for many more years to come. It's so fun!