Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm in training for the U.S. Curling team...

So, lots of changes and things going on in real-life. Some good, some bad, some just meh...but things seem to have settled back into the routine.

I've been enjoying the diversion of the Winter Olympics the past week or so. I do like the Winter games better than the Summer...although personally I do not participate in any sport that would have me outside in the cold. Sure, I have liked to ice skate since I was a kid, but at least 50% of my fondness for ice skating derives from the hot chocolate I get when I go. That, and the fact that my dad encouraged my sister and I to use hockey skates rather than figure skates...a life-saver for a girl with weak ankles!

Anyway, in watching the games, I have come to a few conclusions:

1) I do not generally like sports that are decided by judges. It's too arbitrary and open to favoritism. Give me the luge, downhill skiing or speed skating--be the fastest person and you win.

2) I love the snowboard cross. Racing down a hill on a snowboard trying to pass other competitors, stay on the course and be the fastest. Exciting.

3) I love Apolo Anton Ohno.
He is a badass skater yet he seems so grounded.

You can tell he just loves to compete. Also, he has proven himself a great dancer too :)
4) If any of my kids* ever get to compete in the Olympics, I'm not letting Rob go. Mr. Sports HATES the Olympic games and it is aggravating to watch them with him and his constant anti-Olympic commentary. He can stay home while my boys* and I enjoy the Olympic experience.

5) My niece that is on her high school rifle team needs to learn to cross-country ski so she can compete in biathlon. Shooting and skiing seems like such a weird combination but it's fascinating to watch.
*Yep, Baby #2 is on his way. Another boy, due June 20, 2010!