Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future

I'm glad this is not a Leap Year. I don't like Leap Years...that extra day doesn't seem fair. It's like the previous day called a "do-over".

I also do not care for daylight savings time. I don't mind the "fall back" part but the "spring ahead" sucks. I am not a farmer, I don't till the land, I don't get up to feed the cows. There is no reason that I need to lose that hour of sleep time.

Rob gets irritated with me because that night, and for about a week after, I will gripe about the "lost hour" of sleep...and I will continually update him on what the real time actually is. (Don't get him started on how I irritate him when we travel to South Bend, Indiana, which doesn't adjust their there is South Bend time, real time, home time etc., but that's a story for another post...)

Here's to March...Arriving on time this year...

Oh, and Jack Frost, if you're reading this, you can move on now...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jamming On My Way To Work

I typically listen to Howard Stern on Sirius during my morning commute to work. However, he is off on Fridays, and they just replay the best of the week. Today I switched over to "terrestrial radio" and scanned through the local stations when I heard "Chains of Love" by Erasure. I cranked the speakers and sang right along at the top of my lungs.

I haven't heard that song in awhile, and I haven't listened to an Erasure CD in forever...I forgot how awesome they are and how much I love their songs. It made me think that I need to put some more CDs in my car for some drive-time jam outs, I'm talking some old school Erasure, The Housemartins, Blondie, Beastie Boys and ???? I'm going to have to go check out my CDs and dust off some classics.

Now, for your listening and viewing pleasure--Erasure:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heaven On Earth

There is no better moment during the day than those final sweet moments holding Bobby before he drifts off to sleep.

He usually stares intently at me and we identify all the parts of my face (including my glasses) and then I kiss and snuggle his neck which gives him the giggles. A hug and a kiss followed by a quiet *sigh* and he's off to dreamland...

A Little Worried...

Today is my mom's birthday...The big 6-4! She loves her birthday so of course had everyone over--3 kids + spouses + 7 grandchildren----a full house. Bobby is the youngest grandchild and today he is 21 months old. Just 3 more months until his big party.

I'm just a little worried about the whole cake thing. For his 1 year party I had a "cupcake" theme for him. He didn't take one bite of a cupcake and he spit out the icing. Picture of Bobby digging into a piece of cake--getting it all over his face and hands? Didn't happen. When I tried to put some icing on his finger, it was as if I was asking him to put pure shit on his finger and lick it. I figured it was a fluke...he just hadn't had a lot of sweets yet.
Tonight, my mom tried to get him to stick his finger in the cake, to lick the icing, something. It was pathetic. It's like we are torturing him by trying to get him to eat sweets...

We've tried continuously during the past year. He doesn't like cake, ice cream, whipped cream, pie, muffins or any real desserty type foods. He will eat my mom's chocolate chip cookies--without the chips. (She makes him 6 cookies before she adds the chips in). The only other cookie he eats regularly is Lorna Doone.

How am I going to stick a candle into a shortbread cookie?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Day...

I've recently started to experience "baby fever"...
One co-worker is due in June, another is going through fertility treatments at the moment and I just found out another friend is expecting.
I know we're hoping to have another child--I just sometimes wish we weren't such planners and just kindof let things happen...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WHERE IS MY C-O-F-F-E-E?!?!?!?!?!

Here's one of my favorite "Ralph's World" songs...this sums up my thoughts for the day...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I must confess...

I am somewhat obsessed with little people. I know it is not politically correct, and if you or someone you know or love is a little person, I apologize, but I just can't help it.
I am totally fascinated by little people. Especially Dwarfs. (or is it Dwarves?) I think it all started back when I used to go with my dad to WWF (now WWE) wrestling events here in Pittsburgh. In addition to the main event wrestlers, there would usually be a dwarf match.
Then when my older brother was in college, there was a dwarf that lived in his dorm. I heard stories of him and couldn't wait to see/meet him when I visited. This was at the height of the "Dwarf Tossing" phenomenon...

I love to watch shows on TLC or Discovery channel about their lives. I am a big fan of "Little People, Big World". When I met Rob I think he found this personality quirk a bit odd. I can't blame him considering he's 6'7" and the complete opposite of a little person.
I was so excited the one year we were in Myrtle Beach for vacation and one of the stores was having a personal appearance by one of the original Munchkins from the "Wizard of Oz"--I dragged Rob along and I was completely mesmerized...

There is a local bar here in Pittsburgh that advertised for a "midget". Certain nights have "Midget Madness" at the bar. If someone buys the $10 shots, "ManBoy" comes out and pours shots right into your mouth, sometimes in costume.

I was out once with Rob and some friends when we spotted Shaun, aka "ManBoy"... I was your typical? Midget Groupie--

He is somewhat of a local celebrity, so I didn't feel completely awkward asking for the photo, but I'm sure he was annoyed by me.

So if you ever happen to see a little person--give them a smile from me!

To learn more about Little People of America, click here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I might just need a Weed-Whacker...

For those who didn't know me as a child, let me just come clean and confess that my legs are naturally, extremely hairy. Take the worst, hairy legs you can imagine. No, worse. Seriously, mine are worse. Like this:Ok, maybe now I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.

I am just cursed with it. I think I got my share and my sister's because her legs have nary a hair. I remember being teased about my hairy legs in 1st grade. I was an innocent little girl that wore knee socks. The hair actually came out over the top of the knee socks. Gross, right? I hated wearing pants in the winter because the hair would get all staticky from the dryness and it itched and rubbed. I'm telling you, it was no fun. Many tears were shed over this abundance of pricklies growing from the epidermis of my lower extremities.

However, as soon as my mom knew other kids were noticing and teasing me for it, she did what any good mom would do--she was going to help me get rid of that hair. Every few weeks, I'd put my bathing suit on, stand in the bathtub and she'd slather my legs with Nair. Now, this was like 1979-1980 so this was the hardcore chemical-smelling goo, not the flowery moisturizing and exfoliating lotion of today. But Nair was the only option--I was only 6--a little too young for a razor. I hated the process because I already felt self-conscious but God did I love the results! After a few years, I started doing the Nair on my own and eventually progressed to razors. Let me just say that when it comes to hair removal, I'll try just about anything short of lasers.

I once asked for an Epilady for Christmas--a torturous device that plucks individual hairs at warp speed. I used it for about 4 months but the pain was horrific. Removing leg hair should not involve streams of tears down your face. Shouldn't have asked Santa for that one.

Anyway, I was recently given a free sample of Smooth Away to try in exchange for a review-good or bad. First, let me start by saying obviously I think I have more hair issues than the average woman. That being said, the Smooth Away did work. It just took a really long time for me. If you have an average to below-average amount of hair (ERIN!), I think it would be a painless and easy product for you to use. It did work great for me on my knees -where I always seem to nick or miss hairs. I didn't notice less regrowth with the hair inhibitor lotion, but it was a great moisturizing lotion, but honestly, I don't think those kinds of lotions work on my unnatural hair growth. I've tried them all. I can shave my legs in the morning and feel stubble in the afternoon. Isn't Rob a lucky guy?

So there you have it, my 2 cents worth. You may find its worth it to give it a shot. I'm probably going to try it out on my face and will probably keep using it on my knees. If you want more information about Smooth Away, click HERE

Should I start charging for his autograph?

A few weeks ago we went to PirateFest. It's a carnival-like atmosphere and a chance to win Pittsburgh Pirates merchandise and get player autographs. Here is our deranged family photo op:The pirates have not one, but two large-headed mascots. The Jolly Roger above and the classic Pirate Parrot:As you can see, Bobby had about had it. While there, Rob picked up a copy of the Pirates 2008 Yearbook-just another piece of sports crap to sell on Ebay. However, thumbing through it the other night, Rob came across our future MLB star right there on the glossy pages of the yearbook:Yep, that was Bobby at PirateFest back in Jan. 2008. Rob is now in the process of trying to obtain as many copies of this as he can get his hands on...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ocean City, Here We Come, Right Back Where We Started From...

Ocean City, NJ is where my family vacationed every summer for many years. I have such fond memories of fun times there. Singing "Beat It" at the top of my lungs in the outside shower, playing shuffleboard at the park, riding my bike all over the island, playing innumerable games of the card game, "Spit" with my siblings and cousins.
Most of all though, I remember the boardwalk. Goofy Golf. Wonderland. PlayLand with the mummies on the roof. The Giant Slide. Irene's. I loved our vacations there, and it will always be my favorite place. I cannot wait until Bobby is old enough to really enjoy all that the Boardwalk has to offer.
Of course, the boardwalk is also home to Mack & Manco's pizza. It is a simple, but heavenly combination of dough, cheese and sauce. No other pizza even comes close. There is nothing better than a few slices + a birch beer...
Well, Bobby had his first trip to Ocean City. The "Return to Camelot" as Rob called it.

My little adonis

I took Bobby for his first trip to Ocean City, NJ 2 weekends ago. There was an indoor pool at the hotel, so I scoured the house looking for last summer's bathing suits and swim diapers.
He is already practicing to have his waist size stay the same year to year. Do you think all men learn this trick early on? Gotta love the "Toddler Beer Belly"!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Fairyland

Facebook has an application called "My Fairyland". I am addicted. I wish I could sprout wings and fly into the world of fairies. You collect gold and diamonds, grow plants in your garden, try to turn a worthless rock into gold in alchemy, make magical elixers in herbology, use various wands to cast spells. You get the idea. I love the whole casting spells, and the thought of flitting around on wings...I am a warped 34 year old.

I also wanted to go to Hogwart's when I started reading the Harry Potter books. I read the first 4 books the summer before I started law school thinking I'd never again have time to read for pleasure. I read the 5th (and longest book) in the midst of studying for the bar exam in July 2003. Well, I actually stopped studying for a few days until I could finish the book because I couldn't concentrate on the law while Dolores Umbridge was torturing Hogwarts students. The last book came out while I was on maternity leave with Bobby. I loved that he slept so well and gave me time to read! But I digress...

Originally, I named my facebook fairy "Tink". I love Peter Pan and Tinkerbell especially. I even have a Tinkerbell tattoo. However, there were a lot of Tinkerbells flying around. I needed something more original. Last night I searched online for Irish Fairies. I found out about "BeanTighe"--here's her description:

There is an Irish Fae called the BeanTighe (BanTeeg). She is usually
described as a small elderly woman. (I disregarded this description
for my fairy picture above)
She always has a smile and full dimpled
cheeks. They are always looking for a warm friendly home to guard over. The
BeanTighe like the Beansidhe or Banshee attaches her self to a home. She is a
faery house keeper. The members of the family would often wake to find
unfinished chores done. She especially worked to
help the tired and overworked mother
. They love children and
will make sure they are taken care of. They will adjust blankets, sing lullabies
and close drafty windows. If you want to invite one to your home leave her a
bowl of strawberries and cream. They are especially attracted to homes with
children in. Do not keep your home spotless because
she must feel needed
You are indeed blessed if the BeanTighe
chooses to take up residence in your home.

I think I may have to put out some strawberries and cream tonight, I could sure use some help in the domestic chore department...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Steelers Rant...

Let me start by saying I am really proud of the Pittsburgh Steelers and their 6th Superbowl victory. The team brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to the city. We are the City of Champions. I have been alive for all the Superbowl victories, and I do appreciate greatness.

Now, I acknowledge the fact that I am married to the head "Yinzer". Rob eats, sleeps and breathes Pittsburgh Sports-Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. He is a sports junkie that collects memorabilia and autographs. I have even assisted in obtaining coveted autographs for him. I accept the fact that I will be a Steelers widow most Sundays. 8 home games + 2 home playoff games at least, not to mention the weeks he travels to away games. I am supportive. We have a Steelers mailbox at our house. I have the Pittsburgh Steelers Polka on my phone. I cheer for the hometeam. I have my own terrible towel. I have sat through the snow at Heinz Field to cheer on "The Bus" in his last home game. I have been to the "Terrible Tailgate". I went to the last Superbowl celebration parade. I dress Bobby in Steelers gear:
I. Am. A. Proud. Pittsburgher.

However, I was completely aggravated last night. Yes, it was a great SuperBowl victory. It was historical--the first franchise to get the 6th ring. Youngest SB winning coach. Young quarterback with 2 SB wins. I GET IT.

But, I CAN'T STAND THE LOCAL NEWS MEDIA in Pittsburgh. All I wanted to do was watch "The Office" after the game last night and they pre-empted the show for "Extended Superbowl news coverage." The "news" consisted of nothing but videos of drunk Pittsburghers going into the streets and waving terrible towels and yelling. Then it got even better...not 2 minutes after our local anchor, David Johnson, proclaimed that "our city and the fans are not the type to go out and start fires" the first reports came in from Oakland about fires being set. The "news" was reported that fires were being set throughout the neighborhood, but they didn't know what was being set on fire, what the police were doing about it, and they had no other details to provide.

Following this stellar journalism, we have "Breaking News". This just in..."Ben Roethlisberger, Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers is HAPPY to win the SuperBowl." Wow. Thanks for that breaking story. I thought he might have been depressed, morose, lackadaisical, but Happy? Whodathunk it?
That is all. Thank you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The 6-Pack Win

Just wanted to say Congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a well-fought victory--Bringing the Six-Pack Back to the Burgh. Enjoy the win, Steelers Nation...more thoughts to come...