Monday, February 2, 2009

Steelers Rant...

Let me start by saying I am really proud of the Pittsburgh Steelers and their 6th Superbowl victory. The team brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to the city. We are the City of Champions. I have been alive for all the Superbowl victories, and I do appreciate greatness.

Now, I acknowledge the fact that I am married to the head "Yinzer". Rob eats, sleeps and breathes Pittsburgh Sports-Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. He is a sports junkie that collects memorabilia and autographs. I have even assisted in obtaining coveted autographs for him. I accept the fact that I will be a Steelers widow most Sundays. 8 home games + 2 home playoff games at least, not to mention the weeks he travels to away games. I am supportive. We have a Steelers mailbox at our house. I have the Pittsburgh Steelers Polka on my phone. I cheer for the hometeam. I have my own terrible towel. I have sat through the snow at Heinz Field to cheer on "The Bus" in his last home game. I have been to the "Terrible Tailgate". I went to the last Superbowl celebration parade. I dress Bobby in Steelers gear:
I. Am. A. Proud. Pittsburgher.

However, I was completely aggravated last night. Yes, it was a great SuperBowl victory. It was historical--the first franchise to get the 6th ring. Youngest SB winning coach. Young quarterback with 2 SB wins. I GET IT.

But, I CAN'T STAND THE LOCAL NEWS MEDIA in Pittsburgh. All I wanted to do was watch "The Office" after the game last night and they pre-empted the show for "Extended Superbowl news coverage." The "news" consisted of nothing but videos of drunk Pittsburghers going into the streets and waving terrible towels and yelling. Then it got even better...not 2 minutes after our local anchor, David Johnson, proclaimed that "our city and the fans are not the type to go out and start fires" the first reports came in from Oakland about fires being set. The "news" was reported that fires were being set throughout the neighborhood, but they didn't know what was being set on fire, what the police were doing about it, and they had no other details to provide.

Following this stellar journalism, we have "Breaking News". This just in..."Ben Roethlisberger, Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers is HAPPY to win the SuperBowl." Wow. Thanks for that breaking story. I thought he might have been depressed, morose, lackadaisical, but Happy? Whodathunk it?
That is all. Thank you.

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Irishembi said...

I wanted to watch The Mentalist but was disgusted when I heard it was postponed til 12:35.

Really. I'm excited too, but if I wanted to watch drunk people burn things and flip cars I would have just headed on down to the South Side myself.

I have to say though I did enjoy watching Troy Polamalu hold his newborn son while giving an interview, then when said son got fussy, standing up, giving his wife his seat to hold and settle the baby, then continued the interview while standing. What a gentleman.