Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I might just need a Weed-Whacker...

For those who didn't know me as a child, let me just come clean and confess that my legs are naturally, extremely hairy. Take the worst, hairy legs you can imagine. No, worse. Seriously, mine are worse. Like this:Ok, maybe now I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.

I am just cursed with it. I think I got my share and my sister's because her legs have nary a hair. I remember being teased about my hairy legs in 1st grade. I was an innocent little girl that wore knee socks. The hair actually came out over the top of the knee socks. Gross, right? I hated wearing pants in the winter because the hair would get all staticky from the dryness and it itched and rubbed. I'm telling you, it was no fun. Many tears were shed over this abundance of pricklies growing from the epidermis of my lower extremities.

However, as soon as my mom knew other kids were noticing and teasing me for it, she did what any good mom would do--she was going to help me get rid of that hair. Every few weeks, I'd put my bathing suit on, stand in the bathtub and she'd slather my legs with Nair. Now, this was like 1979-1980 so this was the hardcore chemical-smelling goo, not the flowery moisturizing and exfoliating lotion of today. But Nair was the only option--I was only 6--a little too young for a razor. I hated the process because I already felt self-conscious but God did I love the results! After a few years, I started doing the Nair on my own and eventually progressed to razors. Let me just say that when it comes to hair removal, I'll try just about anything short of lasers.

I once asked for an Epilady for Christmas--a torturous device that plucks individual hairs at warp speed. I used it for about 4 months but the pain was horrific. Removing leg hair should not involve streams of tears down your face. Shouldn't have asked Santa for that one.

Anyway, I was recently given a free sample of Smooth Away to try in exchange for a review-good or bad. First, let me start by saying obviously I think I have more hair issues than the average woman. That being said, the Smooth Away did work. It just took a really long time for me. If you have an average to below-average amount of hair (ERIN!), I think it would be a painless and easy product for you to use. It did work great for me on my knees -where I always seem to nick or miss hairs. I didn't notice less regrowth with the hair inhibitor lotion, but it was a great moisturizing lotion, but honestly, I don't think those kinds of lotions work on my unnatural hair growth. I've tried them all. I can shave my legs in the morning and feel stubble in the afternoon. Isn't Rob a lucky guy?

So there you have it, my 2 cents worth. You may find its worth it to give it a shot. I'm probably going to try it out on my face and will probably keep using it on my knees. If you want more information about Smooth Away, click HERE


Dani said...

OMG I forgot (blocked out) the Epilady. That thing was a world of badness. Worst invention ever!

Irishembi said...

Are you KIDDING me? Genetics really are an amazing thing. We have things in common I was never aware of.

Sigh, you've given me yet another hair removal technique to abuse myself with!

Colleen said...

So, do we blame our fathers for our plight?

Irishembi said...

Sure why not! I'm just glad we have not inherited the hair on their head since I like to keep mine right where it is, i.e. not moving backward faster than continental drift. LOL!