Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Little Worried...

Today is my mom's birthday...The big 6-4! She loves her birthday so of course had everyone over--3 kids + spouses + 7 grandchildren----a full house. Bobby is the youngest grandchild and today he is 21 months old. Just 3 more months until his big party.

I'm just a little worried about the whole cake thing. For his 1 year party I had a "cupcake" theme for him. He didn't take one bite of a cupcake and he spit out the icing. Picture of Bobby digging into a piece of cake--getting it all over his face and hands? Didn't happen. When I tried to put some icing on his finger, it was as if I was asking him to put pure shit on his finger and lick it. I figured it was a fluke...he just hadn't had a lot of sweets yet.
Tonight, my mom tried to get him to stick his finger in the cake, to lick the icing, something. It was pathetic. It's like we are torturing him by trying to get him to eat sweets...

We've tried continuously during the past year. He doesn't like cake, ice cream, whipped cream, pie, muffins or any real desserty type foods. He will eat my mom's chocolate chip cookies--without the chips. (She makes him 6 cookies before she adds the chips in). The only other cookie he eats regularly is Lorna Doone.

How am I going to stick a candle into a shortbread cookie?

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