Friday, February 6, 2009

My Fairyland

Facebook has an application called "My Fairyland". I am addicted. I wish I could sprout wings and fly into the world of fairies. You collect gold and diamonds, grow plants in your garden, try to turn a worthless rock into gold in alchemy, make magical elixers in herbology, use various wands to cast spells. You get the idea. I love the whole casting spells, and the thought of flitting around on wings...I am a warped 34 year old.

I also wanted to go to Hogwart's when I started reading the Harry Potter books. I read the first 4 books the summer before I started law school thinking I'd never again have time to read for pleasure. I read the 5th (and longest book) in the midst of studying for the bar exam in July 2003. Well, I actually stopped studying for a few days until I could finish the book because I couldn't concentrate on the law while Dolores Umbridge was torturing Hogwarts students. The last book came out while I was on maternity leave with Bobby. I loved that he slept so well and gave me time to read! But I digress...

Originally, I named my facebook fairy "Tink". I love Peter Pan and Tinkerbell especially. I even have a Tinkerbell tattoo. However, there were a lot of Tinkerbells flying around. I needed something more original. Last night I searched online for Irish Fairies. I found out about "BeanTighe"--here's her description:

There is an Irish Fae called the BeanTighe (BanTeeg). She is usually
described as a small elderly woman. (I disregarded this description
for my fairy picture above)
She always has a smile and full dimpled
cheeks. They are always looking for a warm friendly home to guard over. The
BeanTighe like the Beansidhe or Banshee attaches her self to a home. She is a
faery house keeper. The members of the family would often wake to find
unfinished chores done. She especially worked to
help the tired and overworked mother
. They love children and
will make sure they are taken care of. They will adjust blankets, sing lullabies
and close drafty windows. If you want to invite one to your home leave her a
bowl of strawberries and cream. They are especially attracted to homes with
children in. Do not keep your home spotless because
she must feel needed
You are indeed blessed if the BeanTighe
chooses to take up residence in your home.

I think I may have to put out some strawberries and cream tonight, I could sure use some help in the domestic chore department...


Irishembi said...

Can you please tell the Bean Tighe I have a VERY NOT SPOTLESS home over here just waiting to make her feel needed?

My kids never slept and yet I still spent all the time I should have been sleeping sitting awake reading Harry Potter.

Lady Rose said...

my friend just got me started on facebook and fairyland last week - I love it if you're interested in stopping by my garden is full moon magic feel free to friend me if you want to just note it's for fairyland so I know who you are :)