Monday, September 28, 2009

Male Influences

So I was shopping at Wal-Mart yesterday with Bobby. He was happy as usual and talking up a storm. Because I couldn't help myself from laughing, he just kept saying the same 2 things over and over:

1) "Boutros Boutros-Ghali" THANKS, Dad. I don't know what the conversation was, or why my dad was talking to Bobby about this Egyptian diplomat, but when I picked him up on Friday, this is what he learned from PapPap.

2) "It's a Man's World" THANKS, Rob. Twice a month, I have to go to meetings at night for work. I get home, have dinner, play with Bobby, give him a tubby, get him ready for bed and then leave him in Rob's capable hands. Rob tells Bobby they are having "Man's night" then they sing "It's a Man's World"... paying homage to the godfather of soul, James Brown:

ahhh, Men.

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