Monday, July 21, 2008

Affordable Floors

The Affordable Floors were a popular, local Pittsburgh band in the 80's and early 90's--my formidable years, so to speak. They played at local clubs like Graffiti and what was great is the fact that they played Under-21 shows, allowing kids like me to experience "the club scene" early on. I have to thank my sister for taking me under her wing and exposing me to the early alternative rock scene, and the Affordable Floors. I was in H.S. and she was in college, but we could enjoy the Floors shows together. Most times, when she wasn't away at school, she was right there next to me at the concert, with my best friend, Tom. They even played Under-21 shows on New Year's Eve so I thought I was really cool "going out" on NYE when I was in my early teens and couldn't even drive yet! Never mind the fact that I was home before midnight.

A few months ago, some Floors concert videos showed up on YouTube and I was alerted by my brother-in-law to check them out. I don't know when they were taken, what show, or if I was definitely in attendance, but if you check out the girl bopping around in front of the stage (around 1:52 and 2:08-2:28) it definitely looks like me in all my big-hair glory with my killer dance moves...

The Floors performed at the WXXP Reunion show a few years back. I dragged Rob to the show kicking and screaming--being 4 years younger than me, I couldn't blame him for not getting into it--he was in grade school when I was going to these concerts. Anyway, he sat in the seats like a fuddy duddy while I reclaimed my rightful place in front of Harvey. For that one night, I was 15 all over again!

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