Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A True Beach Bum

Coming from an Irish background, the sun and my skin don't mix well. If I manage to safely go into the sun without burning myself, I usually just get more freckles. I remember being a teenager at the beach and hating to rub sunscreen in when I was sandy, so I just wouldn't do it. My mom tried to protect me, but I wouldn't listen. Solarcaine was my post-sun friend. Now of course they have spray lotion so you don't actually have to even touch your sandy body parts, and i'm much wiser using at least an SPF 30.

Between Rob and I, Bobby didn't have a chance of getting any skin type that could tolerate sun exposure. We outfitted him in the latest baby sun/swim gear and he was ready for the beach:

He may not look too "cool" but on the plus side there weren't too many sandy body parts to rub his lotion on--we used an SPF 50 on him that I think you could also use as wallpaper paste since it was so thick. Even with all of that he did manage to get a pretty-nice farmer's tan, but no sunburn!

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