Monday, June 30, 2008

The Written Word

Ever since Bobby was just a few weeks old, we've joked that he loves the "written word". He always seemed fascinated by print on shirts, or on pictures on the wall. He's also been very attentive and interested in reading books. We've joked that he's probably already reading, but since he can't talk yet, we just can't confirm it! HaHa.

There are a few books he enjoys in particular, and which we read every night. His favorite is "You are My I Love You". It has pretty illustrations of a baby bear and his parent going through a typical day, and very easy verse. In fact, when he acts up during diaper changes, if I start to recite the words from this book, he usually calms down and just seems so peaceful and serene. It's almost like hitting a "reset" button.

I LOVE to read, and have since I was a child first learning how (although I don't have as much time for it now)...and I hope to instill my love for books to Bobby.

Here is Bobby "reading" Pat the Bunny (see, he can even read upside down!)

However, here it looks more like he's practicing for checking out some future centerfolds:

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