Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rookie Posting

Welcome to the first posting of my first blog! As a young naieve college student, I thought my love for writing would lead me to write the next great American novel. Fast-forward 12 years, and honestly, who has the time? I work 2 full time jobs--lawyer by day, mother 24/7!

What can you expect from this blog? I guess think of Seinfeld...This is a blog about "nothing". Nothing but my thoughts, expressions and occasional rants/venting about family, friends, child-rearing and all the other day to day occurrences that are "life".

Why did I name my blog "The Snug"? If you read the description, I think it's quite fitting. First, i'm Irish--and proud of it.

Second, I thought back to my days attending Saint Mary's College, (the all-women's college "across the street from Notre Dame"--yes, that is really how we usually described it because it's a small school-- a hidden treasure-- in the shadow of the golden dome), and some of my fondest memories have nothing to do with classes, professors, football games or parties.

The unfaded memories are the times sitting in the dining hall or in a dorm room or out on the lawn "shooting the sh*t" as my roomie/bloodsister/friend Katie liked to say. What did we talk about?? I may not recall the specific conversations but I do remember the feeling of sisterhood and camraderie of discussing the issues that were important in our lives and to our developing female minds. (Thanks, Erin, for leading the way to SMC!!)

Lastly, the thought of a "virtual" drink room appealed to me--doesn't conversation usually flow more freely with a libation?

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Irishembi said...

Welcome to Blogdom and pass the Bailey's!!!