Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Off the Table

As a Sirius subscriber, I love to listen to the Howard Stern show in the morning (of course, not until after I drop Bobby off at the sitter's) and my favorite "bits" are the news with Robin because I love to hear Howard's comments/insights on current events, weird news, politics etc. and I crack up when Howard breaks into a Ted Kennedy impersonation--"Errra..."

However, today Alanis Morrisette was performing and being interviewed. The discussion turned to her love life and the bad relationships she has gone through. I got an interesting bit of marital advice as I listened: (paraphrased as best I can remember)

Robin: Will Smith has said that the secret to a happy and lasting marriage is to "take divorce off the table."

Artie: That scares the sh*t out of me, because if divorce is off the table, then murder is on the table.

I just found this quite amusing--even the 2nd time I heard it on replay. I don't think I'll be listening for any further relationship insight from Howard and the gang...

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