Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Say I Do

My friend, Shannon, got engaged this past weekend. Although marriage had been discussed and she knew the ring was coming-someday-she was still caught off guard. Her fiance didn't plan an elaborate date or event in order to pop the question. He just picked up the ring, came home from work and asked her.

This made me think of my own engagement. Rob also didn't plan anything extravagant. That is not our style. He got the ring and a few hours later, it was on my finger like some sort of warped game of Hot Potato where Rob couldn't hold onto it any longer. Right there on the couch in my living room, he asked me to marry him to which I quickly and emphatically replied, "Are you kidding?"--not quite the response I think he was looking for, but I was caught off guard...and quickly added my enthusiastic, "Yes".

I think most people try for the uber-romantic sunset proposals on the beach--or some other equally sentimental and heartfelt approach to create a lasting memory. This just didn't suit me or Rob. I'm not a roses and poetry romantic type. If it's any indication of "our style", on our first date, Rob and I went to see the cinematic masterpiece, "Jackass".

That being said, although I'm not your typical romantic, weepy, girly type, surprisingly, I've become a collector of Precious Moments figurines. It started when I happened to spot this one in a card store, entitled "Say I Do":

This was made for me and Rob! (Although I didn't get flowers at the time).

Since this first one, I've gotten a "new mom" figurine--It is a mother looking into a bassinet at her new baby. Then for Bobby's baptism, his Godfather gave him one that looked like Bobby in the family christening gown. (I'm keeping it for him in my curio for "safekeeping"--it is more of a memento for me than it is for Bobby!)

The most recent addition to the collection was my first Mother's Day gift from Bobby. It is entitled, "I Love You This Much":

I guess since becoming a mother, I am slowly turning into a sentimental, sappy girly-type. I just like these figurines to commemorate milestones and events in the life I share with Rob and Bobby.

Now, if they only made a figure to remind me of the joy and excitement of picking out our wedding bands--Rob started to feel ill and had to go outside to vomit, leaving me to pay the bill...

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Irishembi said...

I'm SURE I saw a Hallmark card for that.......