Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I want to be like Linus

This is "Freny"- Bobby's lovey/security object, so named, by me, because although you can't see it in this picture, the dog's tongue is sticking out. Bobby has "ankyloglossia" , or tongue-tied. He eats well and will be able to talk fine, but as the doctor says, he may have some "social problems" from not being able to stick his tongue out.
He won't be very good at licking an ice cream cone, and it may interfere with kissing, but generally, it's not a huge problem. Unless of course, he likes ice cream and kissing, and really, who doesn't? In any event, we have consulted with an oral surgeon and somewhere down the road, Bobby will have a "Frenectomy" to correct the problem--hence, the incarnation of "Freny".
But that is not really the point of this post.

This simple blue and white dog has become Bobby's "go-to guy" for comfort. He can very often be seen with the dog hanging out of his mouth. He loves that tail! Thank goodness that this dog can be cleaned in the washing machine-We are now on a 2x per week schedule just trying to keep the thing semi-germ free.
It helps him soothe himself back to sleep, it is a great "wrestling" partner, and when he's tired, teething, or had a long day, it is a good friend to chew on. This makes me wonder: what would the world be like if we, as adults, could carry "loveys" around for comfort? Long day at work trying to meet a deadline? It's ok, i'll finish that brief while I chew on this stuffed animal. Have a disagreement with your boyfriend/husband?? Wrap yourself up in your little blankie.
Maybe Linus was onto something!


Irishembi said...

LOL! Around here we have "Peanut". Sometimes he smells bad but Jamie loves him.

Word of advice, try and find a duplicate Freny. It's just not worth what you will have to go through if Freny gets lost or forgotten at Grandma's.

Our Peanut II still sits in a bag in my closet but we'll just call it MY security blanket.

Colleen said...

I bought a second one for the Babysitter to keep at her house, helps with naptime away from home. Might just have to get a 3rd for a spare

Erwin said...

I have recently acquired an adult "blankie" It is a Pooh and friends fleece throw and I sleep with it. I have even been known to spray my husband's cologne on it when he is away. If that's not a security blanket, I don't know what is!!