Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"I Won't Back Down"

Last night, Rob and I attended the Tom Petty concert at the Post-Gazette Pavilion. It was a great night for an outdoor concert and we were really looking forward to it. One of the other lawyers at the firm, Mike, was also attending the concert although he had seats in a "box" with V.I.P. privileges. Between the opening act and Petty taking the stage, Rob and I wandered up to to say hi.

Mike told us that the box we were sitting in (next to his) only had 2 people in it and he suggested we just "hang out" there until the show started and we could probably get away with a free upgrade...this sounded like a great idea.

The lights dim, we stand to cheer, and the rush of the crowd starts up the aisle. Immediately 2 inebriated twenty-somethings oh so non-chalantly (can you hear the sarcasm) slide into the box area. Within seconds an usher appears and asks to see their wristbands indicating they belong in those seats. The girls slink away, leaving Rob and I there. The jig is up. The usher asks to see our tickets too, and we walk back to our seats.

I can't complain because our seats were pretty good--in the center, only about 15 rows back from the V.I.P. section. However, I'm sure the 5' woman stuck standing behind Rob (6'7"), unable to see any part of the stage or Tom Petty, wishes we would have been allowed to stay in the box.

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