Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Big Sister...

Anyone who has known me at any point within the last 10 years probably realizes that my first baby was a sweet, loving, red-haired girl named Killarney. Even my parents accepted the fact that the first grandchild I gave them had 4 legs and a tongue that didn't stop licking! Once I became pregnant with Bobby, they dubbed Killarney, "The Big Sister".

I truly believe she could sense that I was "with child." When I walked her when I was pregnant, she seemed to slow down for me and didn't pull as much, and she would often sit next to me and put her head on my lap. She is the best daughter I could have ever asked for.

If you look around my house or my office, there's almost as many pictures of the pooch as there are of Bobby. In fact, I used to take her regularly for professional photos at the Picture People--I guess it was good practice for when I would take Bobby, although Killarney is easier to pose!

It's still hard to believe that she's 10 years old. She's slowing down and has more grey hair but every once in a while she'll spot a squirrel or rabbit on a walk, and that old spark is back in her eyes. She and Bobby are just starting to take notice of each other. There is also a bit of sibling rivalry going on for my attention. Killarney will "woof" at me to take her out, even when she doesn't need to go out. I think she just wants to get me alone with her and to leave the little rugrat behind.

I know she probably won't be around long enough for Bobby to have any real memories of her, but I still want them to be good friends. They've started to bond--Bobby will now walk over to her on his own and gently pet her. And of course, when prompted, he can imitate Killarney's panting or drinking of her water. Killarney, for her part, is as gentle as ever and lets Bobby tug and pull on her. Of course, she is protective of her own toys and doesn't want him playing with her stuff, and I have to keep Freny from her--just like a real brother and sister!