Friday, December 12, 2008

Memories...of the way we were...

My brother-in-law posted a picture from his wedding on Facebook today. I think it's a great picture of me and Rob, and I had never seen it before:
This was taken in May 2005, about a month before our 1st wedding anniversary.

Two things struck me when I saw it. First, I remember feeling fat getting into my bridesmaid dress. 3 years and one pregnancy later and I'd LOVE to be at the weight I was then. Funny how looking back I know I should have been happy about the way I looked.

Second, I love my hair in the photo and only wish it could look like that every day when I do it myself as opposed to having it done at the salon. I'm currently growing my hair out for the umpteenth time in my life. I grow it, get sick of it, cut it, then grow it out. A vicious cycle.
If only I could have a stylist at my disposal...

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