Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meet Yahootie

I'm trying to get started on some new Christmas traditions with Bobby now that he's getting older and more active. I have such fond memories of my childhood Christmases. I believed in Santa way too long. I still love the "magic" of Christmas.

I heard about the "Elf on the Shelf" and decided I wanted to get this and start the fun with Bobby. The Elf comes with a book which I read to Bobby. It explains how the scout elf reports back to Santa and gives the rules (ie. you can talk to the elf, but you can't touch him). Each night I move the elf to a new location. Once Bobby gets a little older, I think it will be fun to put the elf in different hiding places and have him find him. One of the first tasks to do with the elf is to "adopt" him and give him a name. I was thinking of waiting on this for a year or two until Bobby could help pick out a name.

However, on Saturday, my parents popped in to see our Christmas decorations and I was showing the elf to my mom. She kept saying he looked familiar and thought maybe she had seen something like that before. I told her that it's supposed to look "retro", and I just think it's so cute.My dad looked at the elf and said it looked like one that his dad (the original Pap-Pap)used to have that sat near his chair. My parents called me last night to tell me they think that Pap-Pap's elf was named Yahootie. That is what I'm naming our elf. Yahootie.


Erwin said...

I remember Yahootie!! That's why the "Elf on a shelf" looked so familiar!! As soon as I read Yahootie, I thought of the elf, then I scrolled down and saw it! That's an awesome tradition to start.

Colleen said...

I think subconsciously I remembered...as soon as I saw that in a catalog I had to order it. I think it was our PapPap wanting to be close with us! (Remember the psychic told me he's one of my protectors :)!

Irishembi said...

I'm not positive but I think I might have the original! And gotta check with my Mom if this is sheer coincidence or if they were in league with one another or if possibly "Yahootie" was a common name given to elves, but my OTHER Grandfather used to tell us there was an elf named Yahootie in the refrigerator that turned the light on and off when you opened and closed the door.

IrishBelle1996 said...

My brother's kids, Jack, Julia and Sophie have it and they call it Bobby Jingles and Kiera (my sister's daughter) jsut started it and she named it Bouncy Dots...:) I know that they all love it!!!!!!