Monday, April 27, 2009

War of the Sexes

In general, I do not want to raise Bobby that this is "for girls" or that is "for boys". He has dolls and stuffed animals. He has a set of plastic dishes and tea cups for our living room "tea parties." He watches Rob cook dinner most nights (during the week)...he helps me with laundry, and I'm going to make sure he can do his own laundry someday...Rob works in a predominantly "female" occupation, while my career choice is dominated by men. You get the idea. We don't want to stereotype gender roles. Bobby is a rough and tumble boy with bruises, cuts, and dirt under his fingernails, all covered in a fine layer of grime and muck (well, at least until tubby time every night)...He is an all-American boy. I don't have any problem with Bobby wearing character clothing or fun things on his clothes, but I do want it to be boy's clothing. He could wear Dora the Explorer, but just not a shirt with ruffles and pink or flowers...

So, all that aside, yesterday my mother pulled out the new sandals she got him for his birthday. I took one look at them and said, "They are girls' shoes." When I pointed out the pink accents and the flower on the side, she refused to admit I was right saying, "They are brown sandals."

You be the judge:

These are called "Li'l Sunshine" sandals. Here's the description from the store website:

Shine on. Brighten her look with these girls' sandals. In a
variety of fantastic colors.

Score: Mama-1. Grammy Pat-0.

So, the conversation continued, and being a smart-ass, I asked, "Is the bathing suit you got him trunks or a 1 piece?" (implying she bought him a girls swimsuit). My mom responded, "No, I got him Mickey Mouse swim trunks." So, again, not letting it go...I asked, "Are you sure it's Mickey or is it Minnie Mouse?" She was visibly annoyed.

Score: Mama-2. Grammy Pat-0.

Feeling victorious, I took a swig of my vitamin water. Simultaneously, my father who was quietly enjoying the discussion added, "No, we got him Mickey Mouse trunks with a Holly Hobbie swim shirt."


That is the sound of me laughing so hard I choked, causing the vitamin water to come out my nose burning my sinuses...

Score: PapPap-Winner!

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Irishembi said...

You can always count on a Murray to supply the zinger! Good one Uncle Bern!