Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The great conversationalist

Bobby is at my parents' beach house for the next 10 days. Without me.

I miss him and think about him every minute. All my daily routines are missing the "Bobby factor".

My parents call several times a day to update me and let me talk to him. At 2 years old, he isn't a phone person. The conversation usually goes like this:

Me: Hello?

Grammy Pat: It's MAMA!!

Me: Put me on speakerphone. HI BOBBY. It's Mama!

Grammy Pat: BOBBY! It's mama. Come talk to mama.

Me: Bobby, are you at the beach? Did you jump the waves? Did you dig in the sand?

Grammy Pat: BOBBY! Get over here and talk to your mother. Say I love you Mama.

Bobby: I looove ewww mama.

Me: I love you, Bobby.

Grammy Pat: Ok, he's running away/playing/done.

Me: Alright. Give him a kiss and hug for me. Talk to you later.

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