Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jonas Brothers Mania

My brother, although I love him dearly, has an almost unbearably large ego. But he's not arrogant or cocky. He just thinks he's the best. At everything. Growing up he used to like to tell me, "If I killed you? Who would notice?" The brother that put me into a figure-4 leg lock and then kicked me in the mouth (purely by accident, we weren't trained professional athletes, after all). He did this the week after I had my braces off. The result? My bottom teeth were straight for one week. Although we're technically adults now...he still likes to torture me. He still likes to say and do things to get under my sister's skin and drive her crazy. Yes, this is the brother I idolized. The brother I cried all day for when he left for college. Call me crazy.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, recent events will probably only add to his "charm." He has 4 daughters ranging in age from 20-11. His youngest 2 daughters REALLY REALLY like the Jonas Brothers. As any good father would, he got them tickets to the recent concert here in Pittsburgh. But he went one step further, he got them VIP tickets to the Jonas Brothers Sound Check Party before the concert. While they were there, the Jonas Brothers asked for 4 friends to come sit on the stage while they performed. My nieces and their 2 friends were picked. It was totally random, but now they will think their Dad is "the man"and had this all arranged, as he's taking full credit:


deniseamurray said...

I can watch this all day long and never get tired of it!
Some may think it is foolish, but just imagine being a 10-12 year old girl! AMAZING!!!!!

Irishembi said...

What? You mean he WASN'T the best? At everything? He always told me he was.
He was pretty good at torturing cousins too, although admittedly he had less time to practice on them. :-)

Dani said...

No one can irritate you like family, but if any one else complains about them you will defend them pasionately.

Sounds like he's a pretty great dad though.