Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 X 10 = 100

For this momentous occasion of my 100th post *Applause, Applause*--I give you Colleen's Top 10 Top 10 Lists:

NUMBER 10-Top 10 "Bobbyisms"
10. "Mulk" (translation: I want a bottle, mama!)
9. "BBO" (Bobby trying to spell out his name like we do B-O-B-B-Y
8. "mote" (a noun- meaning the t.v. remote, or a verb- meaning turn on Noggin right now so I can see Moose and Zee)
7. "Hewwo" (Hello, said from his crib in the early morning hours)
6. "Hand" (translation: give me your hand and follow me so I can show you what I want)
5. "Pus" (Referring to Gerber Puffs snacks)
4. "Butt" (dual meaning word--it can be referring to his grammy Pat (Pat pronounce Butt), or a lightswitch (called a button)
3. "O's" (referring to Cheeri-o's)
2. "Pup" (refers to "Freny" his lovie)
1. "Mama" said 100s of times/day and I never get tired of it

NUMBER 9-Top 10 Things About Rob That Make Me Smile
10. His eternal optimism when it comes to any Pittsburgh sports team
9. His 100% enthusiasm and dedication to whatever he's doing at the moment
8. He believes he can convince me that his farts don't smell
7. He always remembers important dates and anniversaries of milestone events in our lives
6. He still calls me "Murray" sometimes
5. He insists on having an "arm pillow" between us at night but always ends up on my side of the bed anyway
4. He is a big kid at heart
3. His worst vices are watching sports and selling memorabilia on Ebay
2. He is the best Dad to Bobby
1. He loves me unconditionally

NUMBER 8-Top 10 Places I've Been Post-Rob
10. Cleveland, OH
9. Toronto, Canada
8. Rochester, NY
7. New York, NY
6. Las Vegas, NV
5. South Bend, IN
4. Surfside/Myrtle Beach, SC
3. Chicago, IL
2. Boston, MA
1. San Francisco, CA

NUMBER 7-Top 10 Places I've Been Pre-Rob
10. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
9. South Bend, IN
8. Disney World, FL
7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
6. Antwerp, Belgium
5. Ocean City, NJ
4. Surfside/Myrtle Beach, SC
3. Monterey, CA
2. Rome/Florence, Italy
1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

NUMBER 6-Top 10 Places I've Been and Never Want to go Back to:
10. Istanbul, Turkey
9. Casablanca, Morocco
8. Cairo, Egypt
7. Moscow/St. Petersburg, Russia
6. The Grand Canyon
5. Uruguay
4. Athens, Greece
3. My former employer
2. the single world of dating
1. High School

NUMBER 5-Top 10 Favorite Foods:
10. Mashed Potatoes
9. Kirkland Light Salted Kettle Chips (sold at Costco--Yummmmeee)
8. French Fries
7. Vanilla milkshake
6. cheeseburgers
5. My mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. My dad's breakfast combo
3. Anything Somebody else has cooked for me
2. Grilled Cheese
1. Mack and Manco Pizza

NUMBER 4-Top 10 Favorite Movies of All-Time
10. Rudy
9. Sixteen Candles
8. The Lion King
7. The Notebook
6. The Great Escape
5. Private Parts
4. Dazed and Confused
3. Swingers
2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
1. My Dog Skip

NUMBER 3-Top 10 Blogs/Websites I visit(ed) regularly:
10. The Burgh Blog (even though it is no more, I had to include it because it was great while it lasted)
9. 24 Hours is Never Enough
7. The McMommy Chronicles
6. Day2Day Madness
5. Happy Meals and Happy Hour
3. Irishembi-Because I Said So (my cousin's blog)
2. Craigslist
1. Facebook (So addictive!)

NUMBER 2-Top 10 Bars/Clubs I've Been To:
10. Kopy's-Pittsburgh, PA
9. Panini's-Cleveland, OH
8. McSorley's Ale House-New York, NY
7. Corby's-South Bend, IN
6. Henry J. Beans-Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. Mario's-Pittsburgh, PA (Only because I met Rob there!)
4. The Linebacker Lounge-South Bend, IN
3. The BA News-Buenos Aires, Argentina
2. Lefty O'Doul's-San Francisco, CA
1. Sullivan's Tap Room-Boston, MA

NUMBER 1-Top 10 Random Things about ME:

10. When I eat alone, I have an unhealthy fear of choking and nobody being there to perform the Heimlich to save me.
9. I have not see my natural hair color in 19 years...
8. I once had an entire drawer devoted to just blue shirts. (my favorite color)
7. I have an intense fear of walking on bleachers due to a nasty incident as a child where I fell and knocked out a whole mess of teeth
6. Due to a short upper lip (the space between the bottom of your nose and your mouth) I can't fully close my mouth without concentrating on doing that, and it looks really unnatural.
5. I never, never, ever run in public thanks to my friend Tom who at age 14 told me I really shouldn't because I looked "oafy"... (thanks Tom for forever scarring my psyche...)
4. I can eat grilled cheese anytime, anyplace...and often order it out at restaurants...(I'm a cheap date fo sho!)
3. I hope to visit every continent before I die (I've already been to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America & North America--only Australia and Antarctica to go!)
2. I have always regretted not practicing piano when I took lessons and have wished all of my adult life that I was able to play an instrument proficiently.
1. My first t.v. "crush" was on Greg Evigan when he was on "B.J. and the Bear"...due to this fact, I still like men with hairy chests...


Erwin said...

I can't say that I learned anything new about you! Other than EeEe didn't make the top ten!! I LOVED watching the BJ and the Bear intro!!!! That explains the fascination you had with peachy colored Han Solo! He was kind of hairy, too! Love You!

Colleen said...

Didn't think there would be any new revelations for you...Rob didn't learn anything new either. He is happy I like hairy chests since he has a "man-sweater"...

Dani said...

Ya know I'm really sorry we live in different states. 'cause you crack me up and we seem to have similar tastes (at least in music and movies)

Roy said...

Nothing about midgets?? Fo'shame! How about an honorary #11, then?