Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a Major Award...

And it goes to......drumroll, please........................................ME!!!!! It's Mine. All Mine!!! Muwhahaha!! Meredith over at 24hours... gave me an award! WooHoo--what a great surprise! Take a Look: Here are the rules for these awards:
a) List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! and
b) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Ok, so now I have to share 10 honest things about myself....

1. I refuse to wear pantyhose ever again. They are uncomfortable. When I did wear them, I got snags and runs in them ALL the time, which just made me look trashy. I don't think they serve a purpose. I am old enough to decide now that I am not wearing them, and nobody can make me.

2. Whenever I have a court appearance, no matter if it is a walk-through uncontested motion or a full-blown argument, I have to allot myself an extra 15 minutes so I can arrive early enough to have time to go to the bathroom beforehand. I have gone to the bathroom in every county courthouse in Western Pennsylvania. I know, that is TMI, but you wanted honesty!

3. I really like my name, and always have. I was usually the only Colleen in my class. Also, I don't mind the nickname, "Coll". It's what everyone eventually ends up calling me. Even teachers, and my boss now.
4. I had a truly wonderful childhood. Even Rob refers to it as "Camelot". Sure, I had my moments of typical teenage angst and misery, but looking back, it was a cherished time.

5. My sister and I have gotten along a lot better since she left for college. Once we didn't have to live together, we could become friends. Although, I do have fond memories of sharing a room and playing games when we were supposed to go to sleep. Sock Baseball was classic--no touching the floor-you had to jump from bed to bed etc. and of course, "I see something..."

6. Rob is 100% my "type". Tall. Very tall. Hairy Chest (just like in B.J. and the Bear). Smart. Professional, but with a family-friendly career in Education. He wears glasses. He doesn't take himself too seriously. He makes me laugh. He likes to travel. Most of all, I can be my goofy self with him and he likes it.

7. I am a very even-tempered, laid back person. It takes A LOT to "push my buttons".
8. I am a big procrastinator. I can only really get motivated when there is a set deadline looming. I work well under pressure.

9. I fell instantly in love with Bobby the moment he was born, even though he peed on me the first time I held him. That was just his special way of saying "Thanks, mama!" I was worried for a long time that I had absolutely no maternal instinct because unlike my sister, I am not a "baby person", which is still true. I don't really like to hold other babies, besides my own.

10. I know this is so politically incorrect to say, but I am kindof grossed out (freaked out) by pregnant bellies. I was more than a little concerned that when I got pregnant, I would be disgusted by my own body. I wasn't, and I got better overall. I also surprised everyone when I said I was going to breastfeed because I had an aversion to that as well--at least until it was my own reality.

And Now I pass on the awards to:

I give the award posthumously to PittGirl @ TheBurghBlog


HappyHourSue said...

Thank you, girlfriend!!!!!! So glad I found your blog! I'm calling my Dad, who's from Dublin, to tell him I know what a snug is. :)

Halftime Lessons said...

Much like yourself, I am never wearing pantyhose again either. i mean, what a time to get pulled over...there was no way i was going to get out of that particular ticket.


Thanks so much for thinking of me!!


Irishembi said...

Hey thank you! And after 30-some years of calling you "Coll" I am relieved to hear you don't mind it. :-)

Tara said...

lol Thanks for the mention..great now I have to think of ten things lol

Jenni Jiggety said...

Thanks so much, Colleen!

I hate pantyhose too...but I do wear tights in the winter!