Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Just Want a Chocolate Chip Cookie...or two, or twelve

Maybe this is why I haven't lost much weight recently!
For me, stressed = desserts!
Eating PieDoes it ever seem like things are going along just fine and then *BAM* you get hit from every direction? That's been my life the past few weeks.

Bobby's part-time caregiver informs me that she is not going to be able to watch him regularly anymore, so I embark on a child-care search. Bobby is with the new sitter for the 1st time today. It was the first time I had to leave him somewhere unfamiliar and have him crying and clinging to my leg. It really broke my heart. On top of all the childcare drama, my 10 year old dog, Killarney--my first "baby" had a tumor that needed to be removed. She had surgery yesterday. She got home last night and was listless and lethargic. She has a very large incision with 2 drainage tubes. I just wanted to lay on the floor with her all night and pet and cuddle her...

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MamaJoss said...

Awww poor Killarney! Hope he's doing better :) His name made me chuckle - so cute! I hear you Momma - it's so hard...especially when things get all outta whack. I'm sure things will start getting better for you (and pounds will shed)...then the HOLIDAYS will be here....full circle. ugh....we can't win really.