Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Milestone...

It seems that Bobby never stops growing and reaching new milestones. He'll always be my baby but I must admit he's growing up fast. Too fast. Last weekend my sister, EeEe, came over and we did the unthinkable. We took down the crib and put up a toddler bed.All week I talked to him about the "big boy bed." Was I preparing him or myself for this change?

I searched high and low for a pillowcase that would have characters he liked. I'm not going to rant about the poor selection of boy-themed bedding in the stores--my only question is why do boy things have to be limited to Batman, Spiderman or WWE wrestling? He likes Dora and Boots--but I'm not buying him Dora with pink butterflies on it. The Sesame Street ones looked too I left each store empty-handed.

EeEe came through for us again. Bobby's favorites are Moose and Zee from Noggin. He loves them and EeEe made him his very own pillowcase. He loves it! He even gives Moose and Zee goodnight and good morning kisses!

Once again, his transition has been easier than I anticipated...he's still sleeping through the night (and even sleeping in longer in the mornings)!

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