Thursday, March 5, 2009

You like me, you really like me...

I am honored to receive the Kreative Blogger Award from my cousin, Irishembi. The rules of the award state that I must list seven things I love, and then to pass the award on to seven bloggers I love to read*.

*(I just recently passed on an award, and I'd just be passing this one onto the same favorite bloggers, so I'll give everyone a reprieve...Instead, leave a comment about something YOU love)

So, here are 7 things I love (other than the obvious--my family, friends and Killarney...)
1. The boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. I love it for the memories I have of childhood vacations, I love the smells of Mack and Manco pizza wafting through the sea air, I love the sound and feel of the boards as you walk on them..2. Warm sand under my toes. I love the beach, the sound of the waves, the seagulls, and the smell of the salt air. Some of my Irish ancestors are from Dingle, County Kerry. I think the love of the sea is in my blood. If I could live anywhere, and have my family around me, It would be in a beachhouse, close to the ocean. Those soft footprints in the sand are truly good for your soul.

3. Hot Chocolate. Warm, creamy, delicious hot chocolate. At home, I use my beloved "Cocoamotion" machine to whip up a frothy treat for me and Rob. However, the best hot chocolate I've ever had was in a little shop in Uruguay--my friend Melissa and I took a day trip when we were in Buenos Aires. They actually melted a real chocolate bar right into a mug of steaming hot milk. It was heavenly.

4. BIG, BOOMING Summer Thunderstorms. I love the ominous look of the clouds in the sky as the storm builds...

5. Snuggling under a blankie reading books with Bobby. I love to read books with Bobby and there's something special about snuggling in the La-Z-Boy with him after his tubby and bottle and reading books before bedtime. I am anxiously awaiting the day I can read the Harry Potter books to him...

6. The smell and feel of Play-Doh. This is a newly-rekindled love. Santa brought Bobby his first tubes of Play-Doh this year. I had forgotten how unique the smell and texture are. Bobby doesn't like the Play-Doh out of it's container, but I will absentmindedly play with it and smell it while playing on the floor with him. I think this might have to be my new perfume of choice:
7. Grilled Cheese sandwiches. I love them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I love them homemade or at a restaurant. I love them with lettuce but you can't cook them with the lettuce. You have to take the time to make it with love and pull apart the cheese and bread to put the crisp lettuce on...

Well, that's it. Another peek into my deranged psyche beautiful mind.

So, What do YOU love?


Erwin said...

Although I am not a blogger, I enjoy things also. Other than the family, friends and pets...
1. Colleen's Blog
It makes me laugh, and remember.
2. Being Aunt EeEe
BBO time is treasured and cherished.
2. Facebook
I'm officially addicted.
3. Coaching Basketball
I hope to impress my son (and his friends) with mom's knowledge of basketball.

Dani said...

Hmmm let me think.

#1. Wharm laundry fresh from the dryer.
#2. Drinking Tea or Hot Chocolate in bed when it's pouring outside.
#3.Giving someone a gift you know they really want.
#4. The way the cat is excited to see us when we get back from vacation (the dogs get excited too but they get excited when we come back from checking the mail box)
#5. Newborn clothes I don;t even care who's kid they're for.
#6.Photos that capture a memory, it doesn't even matter if they're flatering.
#7.The feeling of satisfaction when I finish some really tedious task.

I'm sure there are more but those are the first to come to mind.