Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bobby's Dada

Some recent events have made me reflect on Rob's public and private personas.

He's an imposing male figure at 6'7" and the epitome of a "guy's guy." He bleeds black and gold for the Steelers. He watches sports 99.9% of the time he watches t.v. He's in a bowling league. He drinks Iron City Beer-and likes it. He farts. A lot.

To the outside world, he may seem to be a testosterone-driven typical male. But seeing him in his private moments when he lets his guard down--he's a sensitive soul and completely unselfish. He's a big kid at heart.

To be honest, I was worried having a boy. I didn't want Rob to pressure him with sports or competitiveness, or what a boy "should" be like. But my fears were quickly put to rest as Rob gave Bobby his first nickname--"Mr. Snuggables".

Being a teacher and having his summer off, Rob has been Mr. Mom for the past 2 1/2 months. Rob goes back to school on Monday and it's heartwarming to hear him admit that he's going to miss spending all day with Bobby. I'm going to miss the written reports of Bobby's daily agenda. What/when he ate, slept, pooped. I'll even miss Rob's special code of frownie faces indicating the messiness/smell/size of the poop.

Bobby is going to grow up to be a sensitive, caring, and responsible man because he has the best dad and role model.

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