Friday, August 29, 2008

Safety Monitor

My sister-in-law had her first baby last night, a boy named Finn. I am an aunt for the 7th time! A friend of mine is due with her first baby tomorrow. It's been baby-fever around these parts. Which means that I've been going to baby showers and talking with other moms and moms-to-be.

I think I am becoming one of those moms. As the shower gifts were open, I had a little internal dialogue running:

"Oooh...a Bumbo seat...those aren't safe. Babies can fling themselves backwards and fall out. Did you see the videos on the news of kids cracking their skulls open when they fell off a table from the Bumbo seat? I just threw mine away after they issued the new warnings."

"Oh noo...Avent bottles. Those aren't BPA-free yet. You can take those back to BabiesRUs and exchange them for glass or BPA-free plastic ones-I just did that with mine that were a year old. It's only a voluntary recall, but do you really want to use them if you don't have to?"

"Uh Oh. A walker. Those don't really help kids learn to walk any earlier because they don't develop their core muscles which they need to stand and walk. Those are also dangerous because they give the kid more mobility than they are ready for..."

"Ohhh that's a cute little outfit with a matching hat and socks...Yea, the baby will probably only wear it once. You know what you need? Lots of onesies and footie-pajamas. That's what he'll live in."

I guess my only saving grace is that I did manage to keep my thoughts to myself.

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Dani said...

You know what? I was thinking something simmilar yesterday. 3 of my 4 Sister in Laws are trying to get pregnant so I've been making mental note of the advice/items I'd like to pass along. And it occurred that I can make more informed decisions now that I've actually got some parenting experience. Then I realized I'm in danger of being "That Mom" who tells everyone else my opinion. Yeah I'll let them make their own mistakes.