Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eve of Friday

Ah Thursday! It has always been a sort of "weekend preview" night--Not to mention "Must See TV" night on NBC. Back in college, my friend Melissa and I would frequently go out on Thursday night (as well as Fri. and Sat.) to our favorite hangout, The Linebacker Lounge. It was here that the true appreciation for Thursday nights began. It was always a more relaxed crowd, not so crowded, but with the same great music by DJ Drew. We would always comment that the people that came out on Thursday nights were there purely for fun.

In Law School, Thursday was "Bar Review Night." A dry-erase board in the student lounge would announce the next location and anyone who wasn't busy studying would meet there and commiserate about the life of a law student. Most people that came out were not the arrogant, napoleon-complex assholes we all hated from class. No, the bar review crowd was the middle of the road people that studied hard but also didn't let school work consume them--we had balance in our lives.

Even in our initial years of dating and marriage, Thursday nights were for relaxing and unwinding. Rob and I might watch the Real World or Jackass and just kind of breath a collective *sigh* that we made it to the end of another work week...

Now, Thursday nights are bowling nights for Rob and I am home alone with Bobby. I'm not complaining. I get some one-on-one time with Bobby and when he goes to bed, I actually have Me time. I look forward to the quiet solitude. I can talk to my friends, watch a favorite t.v. show or just enjoy a glass of wine while reading a book.

Cheers to Thursday--it's the new Friday!

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