Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Lizard King

My sister and her family went away this weekend to Ocean City, NJ, site of our childhood family vacations and one of my favorite places in the world. It is also home to the BEST pizza-Mack & Manco's. A slice (or 2, or 6...)with a birch beer is pure heaven. But that is a subject for another posting...

When leaving town for any extended time period, my sister has to find caregivers for her menagerie of pets: the dog went to a kennel, the 2 guinea pigs went to her In-Laws and she called me to watch the lizard, Jar Jar. She has this lizard as a pet for the 2nd grade class she teaches, so never having seen this particular animal, and knowing that 7 & 8 year-olds interact with him and hearing tales of how friendly and social this creature is, this is what I imagined the lizard to be:Small, cute, green and with a friendly little smile on its face. When I got home from work last Thursday and went to the garage to check out our visitor, I was greeted with this:

Seriously, when I looked in that aquarium and saw the lizard for the first time, I jumped back with a shudder. I felt what can only be described as an "ooky" feeling. But, I managed to keep the animal alive by throwing the food in the dish every night after it went to sleep. No sense in taking a chance on a vicious surprise attack.
He's a little hard to see under the glow of his heat lamp, but here is the real Jar Jar:



Irishembi said...

Awwww, I'll watch him next time. I like lizards! And Coll, seeing as you've got a boy, you might want to work on that. He's going to bring home MUCH ookier things in the future! LOL!

Erwin said...

This is not the first issue I have had with Lizard caregivers. The first time he was watched this summer, he apparently ate a small screw as he was cavorting across the dining room table. This resulted in calls to vets, zoos, and experts. It also meant that I ended up squishing poops for weeks trying to find the screw, waiting for him to keel over at any moment. Now the thought is maybe she imagined the whole thing. Does that mean I can stop squishing poops?