Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Fashion Don't

Pittsburgh Dress Shirt*

1. an athletic team jersey worn during non-sporting events in and around Pittsburgh, usually a Steelers jersey (can also be a Penguins jersey, and rarely, if ever, a Pirate jersey).
2. a man's sports team jersey, with player name and number on the back, worn for all occasions: casual, business casual, semi-formal and formal.

Men typically wear the Pittsburgh Dress Shirt out to bars/clubs in the Southside or the Strip District. However, I have, with my own eyes, seen a Pittsburgh dress shirt at a wedding reception!!! The look is usually made complete by sporting a mullet. (a style that remains popular with "Yinzers").

Is this a "Burgh thing" or do people in all major sports town follow this trend?
*ETA: I have to give credit to Rob for coining this phrase/new noun.

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