Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green-Eyed Monster...

I was recently reading "Working Mother" magazine and their article on the 2007 100 Best Companies. I know I should have been psyched to read about these great companies with their lactation rooms, daycare, 12-18 (yes 18!) weeks PAID maternity leave, flextime schedules, paternity leave, and other great perks and programs for working moms and families. Instead, I found myself just bitter and resentful that I didn't work for one of these companies and instead had to deal with arrogant, egotistical men when I was pregnant and especially after I returned from maternity leave. Hopefully my EEOC claim will be sweet vindication for the garbage and harassment I put up with...and at least I'm now working with decent family-oriented people (men included) who appreciate the fact that I'm a mom!

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Meredith said...

I appreciate the fact that you are a mom, a working mom at that. I appreciate anyone that can handle the handful that is a life of a working mother.

I'm glad you found a good company to work for.