Monday, September 15, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmm...

I went to a "girls night" party on Saturday to celebrate my friend's upcoming nuptials. As the activity for the evening, my friend hired a psychic to do readings. Now, I am by nature, very skeptical of "psychic readings" and all that mumbo jumbo. However, for pure entertainment value, I was excited and thought it would be a fun night.
We had our choice of a tarot card reading--which would tell us about our past, present and future or we could have a crystal ball reading that would examine our aura and the angels and spirits around us. I opted for the tarot card reading, it sounded more interesting.
I have to say, she was eerily accurate with A LOT of my reading, and was very specific with certain facts and events in my life. After hearing some of the other girls' results (of course we shared the details after our readings) it was apparent that this psychic was not giving vague readings applicable to any number of people--they were rather individualized. Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to consult a psychic for major life decisions, but even my mother remarked yesterday that I seemed very peaceful. Maybe hearing that some things that I've been stressed about are out of my control just gave me a new perspective.
Here's a sampling of some of the eerie insights she told me (and the reality it applies to):
1. Rob is very stressed about our finances, but we're really OK, and he doesn't want to be the "bad guy". Rob and I just had a bit of a blow-out a few weeks ago over finances and Rob often uses that very term, "bad guy."
2. I'm not getting as much sleep as I'd like but I was not sleeping well before I had Bobby so he's not the cause. My family can attest that I am perpetually needing more sleep-even if I sleep 8hrs. a day, and before I got pregnant, I actually went for a sleep study to try to see what the cause of my sleepiness was...
3. Rob is miserable at his job, and it's not the right place for him. He feels held back and wants to move on with his career. He will have a new start in Feb. or March. Rob is a 6th grade teacher, unhappy in his district, and is trying to make the jump to administration as a principal or asst. principal. (If he gets a principal job in Feb. or March, I just may have to go for regular readings).
4. I had stress and discord at my last job which is unresolved but my new job is the right place for me and where I'm supposed to be and was the best move for me and my family. Everyone is pleased with me at work and happy that I joined them. I had a horrible experience at my last firm once I announced I was pregnant. It only got worse-much worse-after I returned from maternity leave. I quit and started this job, but I actually filed an EEOC charge of discrimination against the old firm--which is still pending and unresolved. Also, I tell my family all the time that joining the firm I'm at now was the best thing that I could have done for me and my family.
Now, the 2 creepiest things that occurred were at the end. The psychic said I could ask any questions I wanted.
First, I said, "Can you tell me about my sister?" She asked her name and age, that's all. She said, "your sister recently had blood work done." I said "Yes, she is having surgery on Tuesday." She then went on to tell me that she'll be fine after surgery. Good News to hear!
The second question I asked was "Can you tell me anything about my grandparents?" I did not tell her that I have only known my 1 grandmother in my life (and she lived with us when I was growing up)--she's the only one still living--her husband died before I was even born and my other 2 grandparents died when I was just a baby and I have no memory of them.
Immediately, the psychic said, "3 of your grandparents have passed on. The other one has been a strong force in your life." She then added, "the other 3 grandparents are with you too--they are not just angels, but they are your protectors." She told me they have been with me at times I found myself needing help or was in trouble and that they hear me when I speak to them. (which I do). She also said that Bobby is very connected to them and that they were in the labor room when I was having Bobby. She added that when I see Bobby babbling or seeming to talk to an invisible person, he is talking to them too, just like I do.
Now, again, I'm not saying I'm a full believer but it does make you think...and in some way it's nice to believe that I have a connection to my grandparents and that somehow Bobby will too...
ETA: Also, she confirmed what I already knew, that Rob and I are soul mates--so we've got that going for us. :)


Joni said...

Hi Colleen,

What a great and uplifting post. I talk to them too,and it is nice to know that they might be listening!!

Your cousin,


Irishembi said...

I saw a psychic years ago Colleen and she told me that my Grandparents, Mom Mom in particular were always with me and that Mom Mom was trying to make herself heard at the time. :-)

Some of them you just have to admit really do have a "gift".

Colleen said...

That just gives me goosebumps because the psychic I saw said Mom Mom was the strongest protector around me...
I do think certain people have more awareness of things I might not see or understand. All I know is, I talk to them and have felt protected at different times in my life when I needed guidance and/or protection--and have always thought to myself that I think they are with me--wishful thinking I know. In the quiet hours when I was nursing Bobby in the middle of the night I would talk to them and tell them how much I missed them and wished they could have been in my life and meet Bobby...