Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing "Curly"

Last weekend while Bobby and I were visiting my grandmother, she decided that Bobby should have a fish. "Grandma Ba" or "Mom," as I call her, was excited to hear about Bobby's first trip to the zoo and how much he liked the aquarium. She is a spunky 88 years old, and when she heard about this, she went to the Dollar Store and bought him a book, "Taking Care of My Pet" about a little bear that gets a goldfish to take care of. So, being the good granddaughter that I am, the next day Bobby and I went to Petco-where the Pets Go--and we picked out his first (of many I hope) pets.

We got a blue male beta fish:
Blue because that is my favorite color, and Bobby cannot express his favorite color to me just yet, so I got to choose. Rob named him "Curly" in honor of the fact that we got the fish the same week Bobby was scheduled to have his 1st haircut and lose all his baby curls...

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