Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WW Wednesday

My friend Shannon and I joined Weight Watchers last Wednesday. She wants to lose weight for health reasons. So do I, but I also want to lose the last of the baby weight now that Bobby is 16 months old. (If I still have the weight when he's almost 1 1/2 years old, can I still call it baby weight?) I also have too many suits in my closet that I'm on the verge of fitting into again.

I'd also like to drop a few pounds while Baby #2 is still a future plan, and not a reality. I know what's going to happen. It's what I call "Murray's law"--I'm going to spend the next 6 months being vigilant and getting my figure back only to get pregnant again and put it all back on next summer. That's the circle of life, my friends. hehe

Rob can attest to the many half-hearted attempts and weight loss failures in trying to lose the last bit of weight. Maybe by publicly shaming myself, I'll finally reach my goal!
I weigh in at lunch time. I am hoping for some motivating success...

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Irishembi said...

And after you have your second baby, because you are done having babies, you will be ultra vigilant, shed all your weight, join a (not very cheap) gym, start an excellent aerobic and weight training program. Find muscles and tone you never knew you had and look fan-freaking-tastic.

Then you will get pregnant with unplanned baby #3.

Or wait, maybe that's just me.