Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recipe for Disaster?

I signed Bobby up for Music Together classes. Tonight is our 3rd class. The first week he was a holy terror. There were about 8 kids there. I spent the hour dragging him back into the classroom (in the church basement) after he would run into the hallway, the bathroom, the kitchen, up the steps etc. It was an exhausting class.

Last week he was much improved. There were only 3 other kids there, lots of room to move around and I convinced the teacher and other parents to keep the door closed thus preventing his escape from the classroom. He seemed to enjoy it and even marched around and danced!

However, I have just been informed by my mother that Bobby has only slept about an hour all day today. Good Grief.

What do you get when you mix (1) overly tired 16 month old with (4) other toddlers and singing and dancing? ONE TIRED MAMA!

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