Sunday, October 5, 2008

The War Rages On...

It is that time of year again. The autumn leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter and Rob and I are battling for supreme control over the thermostat.

Rob is a human furnace and if he was allowed, he would not have the heat on or it would be set for the low 60s. I am always cold. I almost always have a blanket on. The temperatures at night have been dropping into the 40s, high 30s. Also, I heed the warnings about blankets in the crib and so Bobby goes to bed in just pajamas, or when it's really cold, I'll put a sleepsack on him.

Our programmable thermostat is set at 67. I routinely manually override the darn thing to bump it up if I'm cold and it's not kicking on. The other night Bobby woke up around 4 am. After I got out from under the covers, I was freezing. I checked the thermostat and Rob had manually adjusted the temperature to 62!!

We've called a cease fire in the war. We have each vowed to leave the temperature where it was set...

Will we be negotiating a peace treaty to this war for the next 50+ years?????

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