Monday, May 4, 2009


Open Letter to all Ad execs, Marketing Gurus, Internet sales personnel, Product Research people, and all Readers:

I was shamelessly self-promoting the idea thinking of starting an on-line campaign to get this blog sponsored by SNUGGIE- THE BLANKET WITH SLEEVES.

"The Snug" and Snuggie-The names certainly lend themselves to cross-promotion. Read the Snug while curled up in your Snuggie! Your hands would still be free to type your comments! I am always cold, and curled up with a blanket. Rob and I battle over the thermostat as I wrote about here. Perhaps I could be persuaded to exclusively use a Snuggie for all my warmth-providing needs. I could agree to only blog while wearing my Snuggie.

Also, with the advent of the "Snuggie Pub Crawl" it seems like a natural sponsorship to my blog...what with the idea of this being a virtual private drink room in an Irish Pub!


Dani said...

Well I think it's a brilliant idea! But ya might want to re think the only blog whill wearing the snuggie thing, what about in summer?

Colleen said...

it'll be ok, much to Rob's chagrin, I like to have the A/C cranked and keep a blankie on!

Dani said...

Ahhh you think ahead. I respect that.